„Happy nice days“ from WORDS (Far East), 2009/2013



8 October – 23 October 2022

Dana Engfer & Yuki Jungesblut

Opening 08/10  4 – 8 pm 
Finissage 23/10  4 – 7 pm

sign, CIAT – Contemporary Institute for Art & Thought




22 June – 24 August 2022 

Opening: 21 June 2022 7 pm 

studio im Hochhaus, Berlin

group show


Foto: Uwe Jonas

Open Studio

11th &  12th June 2022
artspring 22 – Der Bezirk wird Galerie

Turtlelab Berlin – Schwedter Strasse 262, 10119 Berlin

With Works (in progress) by Jeremiah Day, Yuki Jungesblut & Sharon Paz


19 March – 22 May 202

Selection from the OSTRALE Biennale O21 „Breathturn“

Opening 19/3 from 6 pm

art quarter budapest, Budapest



10 February – 30 March  2022
Berlin-DIEresidenz 2021
Sylvain Bissonier und Yuki Jungesblut

Lichtenberg Studios in der Museums Lounge, Museum Lichtenberg, Berlin


Esel, Schatten, Sommer, Existenz
Yuki Jungesblut: Open Questions (Donkey)



9 September – 4 December 2021
Opening 09.09. 6 – 9 pm

DISKURS Berlin, Berlin

group show



1 July – 3 October 2021
OSTRALE Biennale – O21 Atemwende

Robotron Kantine, Dresden



Residency and Exhibition 

September 2021
Presentation 25 September – 1 October 2021

DIE residenz en co-operation avec Lichtenberg Studios Berlin, Die, France

artspring 2021 / Der Bezirk wird Galerie

Open Studio on 6 June 2020 2 – 6 pm

Turtlelab Berlin, Berlin

Exhibition (Solo)

17 September – 29 September 2020
Exhibition-Relay 2020 #Solidarity #FightBack #SunGoesUp:
#6: Yuki Jungesblut: Zwischenbericht
Sidewalk Opening 17.09. 7 – 10 pm

DISKURS Berlin, Berlin


Library/ Petrarch’s House

Zwischenbericht takes up on the “Zwischen”, the in-between, and the parting and connecting it entails. However, this “Bericht” is more a pondering: an off-road/way-side speculation rather than a straight-faced report. The intervention is developed from the feeling of a forced pause, that nevertheless allows for the forgotten to resurface, sometimes with strange effects. It also tells of the longing for an overview but also for spaces or times to which access is denied. Zwischenbericht in its present form, circles around Mont Ventoux in the Provence region of France. Nowadays, the Ventoux enjoys fame as part of the Tour de France [1]. So in sporting comparison, this part of the DISKURS relay resembles the mountain stage. It is based on an actual “expedition” to the mountain that I undertook in 2017.

My project was an experiment. In the cultural section of a newspaper, I had found a splendid title: Faulpelz mit Weitblick. It was a note on Petrarch’s letter about his climbing Mont Ventoux in 1336 and how some scholars claimed that this climb and the subsequent letter meant a changing of worlds. The invention of the modern subject, the advent of humanism, the transition from medieval times to the renaissance. The first pleasure walk. Well, kind of. I have a natural sympathy for idlers and sloths and also for overviews. So, I was curious. What would happen if another idler were to climb this mountain? Would the view on the world also shift? The outer and the inner world collide? What do you find now? And how should the story be told? Will it be able to speak behind the barrier?

We are after a literary journey becoming an actual journey becoming a journey in mind and climbing a mountain on the sidewalk in the middle of Berlin.

[1] (although not in 2020)

Open Studio/ artspring 2020

6 June 2020
INTERMISSION Open (closed) Studio

Turtlelab Berlin

Jelly Fish for Window Projection

As part of Artspring Open Studios 2020 Turtlelab Berlin brings you this open studio in a format that has been adapted to these peculiar times of transition. Playing with the idea of the window and the „inside/outside“ we will be projecting some simple videos onto our studio windows this Saturday evening, essentially turning the inside out for when at the same time the actual inside remains hidden from the public’s eye.
Come by and have a look!
with contributions by Jeremiah Day, Yuki Jungesblut, Mira Safura O’Brien, Sharon Paz


30 May – 11 June 2020

Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin

Dana Engfer

with Clara Bahlsen I Astrid Busch I Daniel Ferstl I Yuki Jungesblut I Judith Karcheter I Cheonghye Sophia Lee I

Adi Liraz I Dennis Meier I Ulrike Mohr I Katja Pudor I Lena Inken Schaefer I Max Sudhues I Miro Zahra

Daily rotation of works!



13 March – 30 April 25 June 2020 
das erste mal ZUM ZWEITEN MAL

Marburger Kunstverein, Marburg

group show

Yuki Jungesblut „The Park“, Installation View, Marburger Kunstverein, 2020

Stephanie Bachmann / Sofia Greff / Simone Häckel / Yuki Jungesblut /

Kirsten Kötter / Katrin Leitner / Michaela Meise / Milen Miltchev / Tim Otto Roth / Catrine Val


More info on THE PARK: https://new.yukijungesblut.net/portfolio/the-park/


23 Feb – 28 March 2020 
Yuki Jungesblut

Murmurings (Murmúrios)

MIRA FORUM, Porto, Portugal

Yuki Jungesblut: Horizon (Sagres), Fine Art Print, 40 x 60cm, 2020

Yuki Jungesblut has spent 3 months as an artist in residence at MIRA FORUM. The point of departure for her research was the concept of Nanban – a Japanese word, originally meaning Southern barbarians, which later was used to designate the Portuguese (who were the first Europeans to arrive in Japan) and now has become more like a synonym for exotic/foreign/fancy/odd.

Her idea was simple – to explore that foreign land called Portugal with Porto as her port of call and listen out for echoes of Japan and search for stories, histories and crossovers between ideas, countries and centuries gone by. In this exhibition she stages her ongoing research as a photo oriented mind space, drawing on everyday observations, cultural artifacts and an obvious delight in tracing the migration of forms, patterns and motives and ideas.


29 January – 18 April 24 June 2020  

Opening: 28 January 2020 7 pm 

studio im Hochhaus, Berlin

group show

Wolfgang Aichner – Sonja Alhäuser – Michelle Alperin – Nándor Angstenberger – Martin Assig – Clara Bahlsen – bankleer – Heike Baranowsky – Heike Kati Barath – Horst Bartnig – Jürgen Baumann – Michael Bause – Konstantin Bayer – Matias Bechtold – Kai-Annett Becker – Matthias Beckmann – Oliver van den Berg – Holger Biermann – Roland Boden – Manuel Bonik – Patrick Borchers – Kai Bornhöft – Benedikt Braun – Thomas Bruns – Marcel Buehler – Ingmar Bruhn – Matthew Burbidge – Astrid Busch – Dirk Busch – Salomé Chkheidze-Mohs – Herbert De Colle – Marula di Como – Chris Costan – Swen Daemen – Henrike Daum – Dellbrügge & de Moll – Anne Dettmer – Helmut Dick – Andreas Drewer – Jesper Dyrehauge – Irena Eden & Stijn Lernout – Manfred Eichhorn – Axel Eichhorst – Jürgen Eisenacher – Dana Engfer – Christel Fetzer – Frederik Foert – Franziska Frey – Sabine Friesicke – Stella Geppert – Catherine Gerberon – Ingo Gerken – Katrin Glanz – Thorsten Goldberg – Carola Goellner – Kerstin Gottschalk – Michael Gumhold – Markus Guschelbauer – Massoud Graf–Hachempour – Kim Dotty Hachmann – Ulrich Hakel – Heike Hamann – Klaus Hartmann – Lisa Haselbek – Tanja Hehn – Tina Isabella Hild – Gerhard Himmer – Annika Hippler – Christian Hoischen – Birgit Hölmer – Ralf Homann – Irène Hug – Anja Ibsch – Andrea Imwiehe – Henrik Jacob – Gunilla Jähnichen – Zora Janković – Anna Jermolaewa – Uwe Jonas – Jaeeun Jung – Yuki Jungesblut – Martin Kaltwasser – Mi Jean Kang – Franco Kappl – Judith Karcheter – Veronika Kellndorfer – Werner Kernebeck – R.J. Kirsch – Annette Kisling – Ulrike & Günther-Jürgen Klein – Andreas Knäbel – Andreas Koch – Eva–Maria Kollischan – Susanne Kohler – Karen Koltermann – Andreas Kotulla – Ulrike Kötz – Vanja Krajnc – Inge Krause – Annette Kuhl – Susanne Kutter – Verena Kyselka – Chantal Labinski – Pia Lanzinger – Michael Lapuks – Seraphina Lenz – Pia Linz – Antonia Low – Liz Magno – Fritz Margull – Enikö Márton – Matthias Mayer – Howard McCalebb – Manfred Michl – Penka Mincheva – Ulrike Mohr – Leo de Munk – Berit Myrebøe – Silvia Nettekoven – Gertrud Neuhaus – Sybille Neumeyer – Gabriele Obermaier – Lorcan O’Byrne – Juergen O. Olbrich – Bea Otto – Jürgen Palmtag – Jürgen Paas – Günther Pedrotti – Roman Pfeffer – Andrea Pichl – Torsten Prothmann – Marcel Prüfert – Katja Pudor – Maria–Leena Räihälä – Mirja Reuter –– Gerda Riechert – Kai Richter – Sebastian Rogler – India Roper-Evans – Matthias Roth – Rasso Rottenfusser – Matthias Schamp – Julia Sand – Maike Sander – Gisela Schattenburg – Claudia Schoemig – Iris Schomaker – An Seebach – Olivia W. Seiling – Daniel Seiple – Spunk Seipel – Johanna Smiatek – Soyoung Shon – Soopum Sohn – Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag – Elisabeth Sonneck – Christina Speer – Petra Spielhagen – Ute Sroka – Anne Staszkiewicz – Christian Stock – Tommy Støckel – Stoll & Wachall – ststs – Sven Stuckenschmidt – Betty Stürmer – Max Sudhues – Caro Suerkemper – Gaby Taplick – Johanna Thompson – Thea Timm – Roel van Timmeren – Peter Torp – Tim Trantenroth – Lukas Troberg – Andrea Übelacker – Timm Ulrichs – Marcos Vidal – Anke Völk – Line Wasner – Christine Weber – Albert Weis – Ute Weiss Leder – Markus Willeke – HS Winkler – René Wirths – Gloria Zein – Barbara Zenner – Christof Zwiener


Open Studio

1 & 2 June 2019  
Art Spring Open Studios with Turtlelab Studio

Turtlelab Berlin

Kitakyushu Memory Grid: Perfect Selection

Jeremiah Day, Yuki Jungesblut, Sharon Paz & Wolfram Spyra open their studios at Turtlelab this week-end. You are cordially invited.

Saturday and Sunday
14:00 – 20:00

Guest performance by Abeer Ali Mohamed and Faisel Mohamed
on Sunday at 18:00

About the studio: http://www.turtlelabberlin.org/
Further info on artspring 2019: www.artspring.berlin


23 March – 29 MARCH 2019 
CCA Fellowship Program Exhibition

CCA Gallery, Kitakyushu, Japan

group show

CCA Kitakyushu presents CCA Fellowship Program Exhibitions 2018/2019 of new work by Joaquín Aras, Goeun Bae, Yuki Jungesblut, Casey Tang, and Quynh Vantu.

CCA Fellowship Program 2018/19 runs from September 2018 to the end of March 2019. Each fellow stays and works in Kitakyushu for a few months, either consecutively or intermittently during this period of time, and further develops their research and studies. For CCA Fellowship Program Exhibition, the fellows present the results of their research project.


Older News: See here >>>