Presentation for HIER, Berlin (Project Space), 2017
Presentation at Kunstverein Marburg, 2020 (bottom of the page)

Thought Space/ Site related photo installation based on  THE PARK I / dimensions variable

THE PARK is an exhibition that was constructed from the idea and the outcome of THE PARK I, effectively opening it up into space. The PARK I was both a contemplation on the idea of a park in general, the effect of a walk and an echo of the film Blow-up focussing on its filming location Maryon Park.

In the installation THE PARK one thought space gives rise to another– effectively like a Matroschka – and one level of investigation leads to yet another. So associations and a selection of key metaphors that are drawn from BLOW UP by Michelangelo Antonioni are juxtaposed with some that are drawn from BLOW UP by Julio Cortazár and combined with the traces collected during the artist‘s visit. It is not irrelevant that the protagonist(s) in Cortazár‘s short story is/are a translator/photographer. The installation becomes a play of presentation forms, levels of quoting and referencing, allusions, permutations, innuendo and floating – effectively a game of translation in pursuit of a fugitive emotion.

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