Photo Series, dimensions variable C-Prints, 2009/2012
Standards: 30×45 cm, 40×60 cm, 20×30 cm


„Words, words, words!“ just in a different context …
The exact dimensions of the series varies according to space. The presentation follows the idea of an associative word map (mental map) or that of a proto-narration. It involves literally „reading“ an image.

Japan can be seen as a written country. A country of representation. In recent years the presence of foreign language words – English, French, German, Italian – has increased. For most Japanese these words are perceived more as a shape and their meaning remains veiled. The roaming foreigner in his/ her desire for understanding and orientation in an unfamiliar land- and cityscape scans the scenery for intelligible signs. And thus these words beget a strange new meaning – like call cards for a yet undiscovered story unfolding in the space of language between.



  • HD Video for Installation, 12:30 min (loop), 2011
  • Photo Series, C-Prints, dimensions variable
  • Artist Book
  • Website (see below)

Part of the Project:

  • The Promised Place/ Island in the East