Image combination, 2013

Sometimes it might be good to just take one step back, to pause. To stop the wrinkled forehead of critical thought and appraise the world in wonder.
We collect some of those instances of joyful improbability taken in the year 2009 and send them like a letter to this space that asked for a surprise, for a bag full of the unexpected.

„Happy Days“ (Sketch) at [*!,–“/;+°], BLO – Ateliers, Berlin, 2013 (organised by Judith Karcheter & Christa Fülbier)


One might notice that all images capture some form of displacement. This might be cultural, spatial or referential. Nevertheless all offer an invitation to dialog.



Officially, a picture of the mighty palm in Glover Garden, Nagasaki. It came to this place in the context of a diplomatic exchange over 300 years old and it is still standing. (2009)
The seaside restaurant, Akashi, 2009 (officially)
35° C / Comrades (Caring), Kobe, 2009 (Icoca Mascot and two helpers)
Rooftop Castle, Uzumasa, Kyoto, 2009