Sunsetstudies 1–11 & Decommissioned

 11 x (10×15 cm) Matte Photo Prints on DIN A4 Paper clipped to 100 Yen Shop Clipboards
HD Video, 3:00 min, cropped for CRT monitor, loop
Sunset Studies 1-11 & Decommissioned, 2019: Installation View at CCA Kitakyushu, 2019

Sunset Studies 1–11

Short Description:

Sunsetstudies 1-11 came out of the incredulous wonder about the intense colours of the sky and Earth around sunset in the Kitakyushu area. The series protocols location and time and is also a humorous take on strategies of charting unknown territory. At the same time it ponders
the status of twilight, twilight years in a city that to some extend faces this exact question.

Sunset Studies/ Detailed View:

Decommissioned (90 Seconds after Sunset – Back and Forth)

Decommissioned develops this theme further, adding a durational element, showing, in the glory of the evening sky, the last remains of an industrial chimney that had been a defining element of the city‘s landscape, just before it will be entirely eradicated from view after having fallen into