OF TIMES & TIDES: INCANTATION #1 (Search Parameters)

Photobased research project, private performance

Photo Installation, Book (in production)

51 images in 8 Groups and 1 incantation: 3 Fine Art Prints, 60x40cm, 10 C-Prints, 30×45 cm, 2 x 6 C-Prints, 20x30cm for presentation on wall, 26 C-Print in 13 x 19, 10x15cm und 9x13cm for presentation with text, drawing and objects in display cabinets or tables Presentation is adapted to the context and specific constellations of the exhibition space

INCANTATION #1, Installation View at CAA, Hangzhou, China, 2018

The Project:

OF TIMES & TIDES renders homage to our human quest for knowledge and understanding, as well as our pursuit of happiness. Using selected images it ponders the interlinking of what we see as nature & culture, as foreign and familiar, our dream of travel, knowledge & adventure, the perception of time, of history and myths and most generally – human desire.

Putting translations into play, nodding at the migration of forms, setting associations and deviations, this flock of images combines impressions from museums, botanical gardens, scientific observatories with impressions of nature and travel. It actively seeks out the realm of associations, of imagination and the poetic, to circle our desire for discovery and need for understanding and given the context, deliberately combining and juxtaposing images taken in Asia and in Europe.

The Installation:

The photo installation INCANTATION #1 was developed to fit the specific conditions at the time of the exhibition in Hangzhou and pools together 10 groups of images from different realms of knowledge, knowledge storage and representation. Like memory fragments or a game of tarot, they are set to conjure up a journey in the East (around the East China Sea) in pursuit of the legendary Kirin, a mythical creature, a harbinger of good tidings, amongst others. In a dreamtime framework this group of images wonders about those contradictory feelings of longing, attraction, returning and a vague anxiety but most of all they celebrate the feeling of enchanted wonder.