3 DIN A1 Posters, 2008


On Memory (3 Posters), Installation Version including Merriam Webster Dictionary at „Wait & Seek“, 2008


The Zonographic Society‘s has an action archive/ inventory. The objects in this inventory refer to actions or processes that have a function in a research process: for example reading, communication, recording, searching, projection, processing, writing, archiving  but there are also some which would rather characterise digression or play. This object inventory was used to produce a series of posters and a set of cards. If one so wishes they can be thought of as Zonographic Merchandise since they are easy to replicate and in theory also easy to mass produce.

The object based posters are complemented the Memory Webster Chart. This poster retraces the path that once was taken looking through a dictionary (Merriam Webster) for the definition of the word memory and then looking up synonyms and related words. Curiously enough after following some references it is possible to arrive at the word human.

Memory Webster Chart, DIN A1, Offset Print, Zonographic Society, 2008