Photo Group, 2009/ 2015

C-Print on DIN A4, number of image combinations: 1 – 6

Installation at C3, 2015
Installation View (Selection) at C3, 2015

In the north of Himeji, on the way to the other side of the island, lies a mountaineous area. In the middle of these mountains there is a lake. Why this lake is there is a bit unclear. May be it serves as a water storage. On the other hand the water is obviously rather pretty and the lake can be used for recreational activities (may be not in the middle of the week on a rainy day though). I have been here in the past. And it always has been a cloudy or a rainy day. And so the rain becomes part of the mood of this place. And every time there is a feeling of melancholy, some vague feeling of regret about the workings of fate.

Mountain Lake (the green green)

If it wasn’t in Japan it might be a good setting for a story by Duerrenmatt. One where the past suddenly breaks into the present.  A detective story where the murder case brings to light a past that everyone had tried to ignore.May be some funny elements. But indeed as if a story had taken place here, the ending of which was not the one that one had wished for.